Chicago Bulls, What’s Next?

The Chicago Bulls have had one of their worst weeks in recent memory both on and off the court. Although they have gone (3-2) since January 21st, these games have not been pretty, even the wins. On top of some lackluster on court performances they have players calling out others players, and it seems that tension is even rising between some of the Front Office.

The week started on a upswing for the inconsistent Bulls as they got two much needed wins against the Sacramento Kings and Orlando Magic. With those two wins they were able to find their way back to the .500 mark for what seemed to be the millionth time this season. With a few more games upcoming against teams the Bulls should be able to beat they set their sights on the seasons first real winning streak, and one that could be built off of going forward.

Before this game Wade had a few comments about the team and the organization that many fans heard. He voiced his concern for the team only being .500 and had reservations about them going forward. For a player who is 35 years old he is not looking to be on a rebuilding team to finish out his career. These comments did not sit well with some of the players and Front Office staff. This was just the beginning of the downswing for the Bulls week.

On January 25th the Bulls blew a ten-point lead against the Atlanta Hawks with just under four minutes to play in the game. This collapse amplified the Bulls woes on the season and echoed the comments Wade voiced. Butler was the next in line of critical comments after the meltdown against the Hawks, leading to even more of a downspin. This was not the worst, as one Rajon Rondo would take the cake. The ever troubled Rondo took to Instagram to fire back at both players and management in a long winded rant with a photo of him in his Celtics days. Hoiberg responded by leaving Butler and Wade out of the starting lineup on Fridays embarrassment of a game against the Miami Heat. Management responded with the typical “Should have kept it in house” blanket remarks to try and save face. The Bulls are a mess, nothing is going right. So the question becomes, What’s Next?

Wade can opt-out after this season, Hoiberg has shown problems being able to control an NBA locker room, and well the two headed monster of Gar and Pax are doing what they do best.

Here is the ideal scenario for the Bulls heading into the final part of their season and into the ever-needed off-season. First, Wade opts out of his contract, because if he doesn’t want to be here there is no reason for him to be. Clear the cap space and find a player who wants to be in Chicago. Next on their roster purge, say goodbye to Rajon Rondo whatever way possible: Trade, cut him, eat his contract if you must, but he is a horrible teammate and influence on the young players in the locker room. Butler is the question mark; if he truly wants to be here he is a player they can build around. If the Front Office doesn’t view him as such, trade him for everything you can get and just move on. After this, go full on rebuild.

Onto management, and a change that should have happen years ago. Fire Gar Forman and John Paxson. Both are micro-managing fools who have built a reputation for ruining anything good they put their hands on with the Bulls. Hoiberg is a tough call for some, myself included. He has never really been given the players that fit his run and gun system in just less than two years in Chicago. There have been glimpses of good, which makes some think with the right team he could succeed. On the flip side he has not shown the leadership ability or truly gained respect of the players in the locker room. If the Bulls go full rebuild, Hoiberg must go.

If the Bulls truly want to get back to the glory days of Jordan they are going to have to clean house, completely. Again, this is the ideal scenario for the team. Will it happen? Not likely. It is what fans can dream about to keep them from completely jumping ship though.

Robert Weihofen
Robert is a recent graduate from Concordia University Chicago who has a passion for Pro and College Sports. He is also a published writer with Cleat Geeks. In his free time Robert likes to fish, because it's a sport too.