Chicks Dig Cabbage: Gheorghe Muresan Cologne

Earlier in the week, we looked back at the absurdity of Wilt Chamberlain pitching Laxative in a T.V. spot with his mother.

With the Super Bowl upon us, and the end of times possibly nigh – as Dear Leader Trump edges us closer to midnight on the ole doomsday clock – a laugh would do us all good:

From the archives (video below) a 1997 Snickers commercial, featuring one 7’7″ Romanian – Gheorghe Muresan as a cologne pitchman. The cologne is said to smell like cabbage.

Sidenote, early in Shaq’s career, Wilt made the audacious claim that Muresan was O’neal’s equal. Talk about a big ego and thin skin.

Noah Perkins
Noah has had articles published by a variety of publications including The Bangor Daily News; The NENPA Bulletin; and Monthly Basketball (Japan). His column ‘Heaven is a Playground’ has been featured on ESPN Radio. Noah was also called a "thirst troll" by Tom Arnold once.