The NBA is currently in the home-stretch of games heading for the playoffs. Some teams made some trades at the deadline, some stood their ground, and all contending teams are making their push for a playoff run here in a few weeks. Some of the players on these teams are on expiring contract deals and facing a crucial stretch going forward as well. A handful of these players are due for big pay raises this summer. These individuals vary in experience, current salary, and are diverse in their positions and roles on their current teams, but all have in common the desire to get paid and make a better living for themselves and their families.

After recent finalized negotiations between the NBA and the Players Association, the new collective bargaining agreement sets forth the new salary cap figure and max contract numbers for the different players and their respective experience. The settled salary cap came in a bit lower than many expected, which may hinder some outrageous spending like we saw last summer. Taking into consideration the new CBA, here are some players that are on track to get big pay-increases this summer.

Otto Porter, Jr.

Current contract:   4 yrs / $19,305,421

Current Salary:     $4,826,355

Coming off the final year of his rookie contract, Porter, Jr. is quietly having a great season for the Washington Wizards. He is averaging 15 points and 7 rebounds (both career highs) and is currently leading the NBA in 3PT% at an astounding 45.7 percent. Porter has proven that he is a valuable asset and is going to cash out on a big deal this summer. At just 23, Porter, Jr. is young and can continue to improve and develop as a player in the NBA. Whether he is retained by the Wizards or signed in the open free agent market, look for the sharpshooter to sign a contract in the range of $17-22 Million per year.

Gordon Hayward

Current Contract: 4 yrs / $62,965,420

Current Salary: $16,736,710

Hayward is currently having the best year of his career in his seventh season since being drafted by the Utah Jazz. He earned his first All-Star selection this season, and is receiving more and more national attention despite being in the “small market” of Utah. Hayward will be deserving of an increased max salary this summer, and will be eligible for the “super-max” if he can snag a spot on an All-NBA team. There is much speculation that Hayward is going to leave Utah to join his college coach Brad Stevens in Boston. Hayward will be able to sign for the most amount of money if he decides to stay in Utah, where he can sign a deal in the yearly range of $25-30 Million. Negotiations may get hot this summer, but I don’t see Hayward leaving Utah and that chunk of extra change behind.

Nerlens Noel

Current Salary: $3,582,433

Current Contract: 4 yrs / $14,329,730

After being traded and landing in Dallas, Noel faces a crucial stretch of basketball in the coming months. He is coming off his rookie contract, and has played well this season despite some nagging injury issues. Noel has shown flashes of playmaking ability and is an athletic big that can help a team on both ends of the floor. Expect Noel to land a deal paying $17-20 M per year.

Steph Curry

Current Salary: $11,000,000

Current Contract: 4 yrs /$44,000,000

Steph Curry is on the last year of what may be the best value contract in the history of the NBA. Over the stretch of his four-year deal, Curry was the MVP twice and brought a championship to Golden State, while only making $11,000,000 in each of those years. Curry is eligible for a huge deal this summer, taking into consideration his max and “supermax” status. Curry has voiced his desire to take less in order for the Warriors to retain their stars, which is an incredible and rare position in today’s league. Even if Curry takes less than what he is eligible for, he is still going to get a huge raise and most likely be making anywhere from $18-25 M per year after negotiations.

James Johnson

Current Salary: $4,000,000

Current Contract: 1 yr / $4,000,000

Johnson signed a one-year deal with the Heat this past off-season, and has played at a high level for Miami this season. The veteran is averaging a career high 12.1 points per game coming off the bench, and has used his versatility to catch the eyes of several front offices. Johnson is a solid role player and can contribute effectively off the bench, which is a valuable trait for contending teams. Expect Johnson to either extend a deal with Miami or sign with a new team for a salary in the range of $10-12 M per year .

Taylor Griffin
Taylor is a lifelong hoops enthusiast and has followed the NBA from a very young age. He focuses on writing on the analytical side of the NBA, as well as the creative, story-telling aspect of the game. His professional background in finance also aids him in providing a unique perspective on salary cap and player contract analysis.