Photo: Associated Press

There’s bracketology. Then, there’s hairology.

The NCAA has too many rules. Head coaches micromanage. It’s one of the last avenues of creativity for players.


And then there’s Gonzaga’s center, Polish import Przemek Karnowski, one of the best, not to mention largest centers in college basketball. Karnowski is an absolute load. He’s listed at 7-1, 300, but he must be at least 350. Karnowski – announcers refrain from saying his first name for obvious reasons – lumbers up and down the hardwood and appears to be in slow motion in the paint. Pitino would not approve. But Karnowski has good foot work and nice touch. He’s also wonderful at bowling over opponents to get to the hole. Whatever you have to do. That’s exactly what Gonzaga did in their first- rounder against the South Dakota State Jacks, beating the 16th seeded opponent in underwhelming fashion, 66-46. Karnowski scored 10.

But Karnowski is the player that everyone will remember because of, well, his hair.

He has a ton of it – and here’s the thing: He’s balding or appears to be. Karnowski is a redshirt senior, but he looks about 35. Most of Karnowski’s hair is in his hefty beard, the best in college ball. If professional basketball goes south for this big man, there’s definitely a future in professional wrestling.

Will Gonzaga finally get to the Final Four? After their most recent NCAA debut, it’s not looking good, but Karnowski’s hair definitely deserves an invite.