JustinLafleur/Lehigh photo

There’s bracketology. Then, there’s hairology.

The NCAA has too many rules. Head coaches micromanage. It’s one of the last avenues of creativity for players.


March is firmly in full madness. In the one-bid Patriot League conference semis, third seed Lehigh took down two seed Boston University on their home court in a double overtime classic, 91-88. If not for senior two-time Patriot POY Tim Kempton, who went for 31, the Mountain Hawks go down.

Stats only tell a fraction of the story.

Just Kempton’s presence was crucial for the Mountain Hawks. A mountain among men, Kempton drew so much attention on the offensive end and altered countless shots. 

And it almost didn’t happen.

With more than 14 minutes remaining in the second half, Kempton acquired his fourth foul. Somehow, he managed to stay eligible, as well as an active, potent force. At 6-10 with skills, Kempton will be playing somewhere after Lehigh, perhaps the NBA. If the name sounds familiar, it is. Kempton’s father, Tim Kempton Sr., played at Notre Dame and eight years in the NBA.

In addition to game, Kempton has great hair. It’s a blond mop top that’s short on the sides and back but long in the front, locks draping his forehead. If Kempton could sing or at least fake it, he’d be a great boy band acquisition. That’s not gonna happen though, as Kempton has other options.

Lehigh plays in the finals of the Patriot League tournament on Wednesday night at 7:30, opponent TBD, either Bucknell or Navy. It will be televised on CBSSN.