Hairology: Siena Saints Head Coach Jimmy Patsos

There’s bracketology. Then, there’s hairology.

The NCAA has too many rules. Head coaches micromanage. It’s one of the last avenues of creativity for players.


Jimmy Patsos and his Siena Saints fell just short in their MAAC conference final, losing an OT heartbreaker to Iona, 87-86. That’s a shame for the upcoming NCAA tournament because, well, Patsos is a colorful, fun personality that’s good for the game. You might recall that earlier this season Patsos was the one that pretended to shake hands with Rider who had already exited the court.

Understand, theatrics are in Patsos’ blood. His father was a Tony Award-winning producer.

Patsos is no stranger to such antics. In particular, 2008 was quite a season for Patsos and his, uh, eccentricities. Against Cornell, fearing ejection, he coached from the stands. When he took on Davidson, he double teamed Steph Curry – to no avail, as his squad got smoked.

But it made great theater.

Patsos’ Loyola Greyhounds weren’t gonna win anyway, so why not experiment and have some fun?

Patsos, a former D.C. bartender, is always game for a good quote – or quotes – plural. Flatly, the man can talk about a variety of subjects with enthusiasm. These days, Patsos’ hair has gone all gray, which doesn’t seem to quite fit because Patsos has the enthusiasm of college freshman. Patsos, an ardent Grateful Dead fan, has a tie dye peace sign tattoo on his left wrist.

Why did Patsos get into coaching?

Patsos says that he never wanted to leave college.

Jimmy Patsos’ Saints did not win a seat at The Dance. But he should get a seat at the broadcast table with Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith.

There wouldn’t be a dull moment.