Isaiah Thomas is not the son of Isiah Thomas, which is why his parents added an extra “a,” but Isaiah Thomas is the son of a basketball lover who lost a bet to a Pistons fan in 1989.

Isaiah Thomas is not required to put together a king size bed from Ikea for you, but he is putting together the most efficient scoring season in Boston Celtics history, and one of the most efficient scoring seasons in NBA history.

Isaiah Thomas is not going to put away your clean dishes the morning after you’ve run the dishwasher, but he is going to put away opposing teams in the fourth quarter, then he will playfully check his imaginary watch on his wrist, to signal that it is indeed the fourth quarter.

Isaiah Thomas is not single-handedly going to block the government from taking away our civil liberties, but he will use all the people who have blocked his path to stardom as fuel that feeds his ever-glowing internal fire.

Isaiah Thomas is not able to keep all of New England free of snow, but he will have Celtics fans walking jubilantly around the snowbanks and slush puddles of Boston’s streets after another Celtic victory.

Isaiah Thomas is not about to wait in line for you at the drive-thru window when all you want is a coffee, but he will drive to the hoop with such undeniable ferocity and core-control that he will absorb the contact of bruising 7-footers and finish the drive with a soft carom off the glass.

Isaiah Thomas is not someone you would see on the street and think “basketball player,” but he is someone whose smile is so delightful you might see him on the street, smiling, and want to smile as well.

Isaiah Thomas is not about to force Twitter to go against its own policies and censor the account of our biggest threat to democracy, fighting fascism with censorship, but he will continue his policy of torching opponents in the pick-and-roll, going right or left with equal dexterity, and when finally stopped, using his pivot foot to fling passes around long-armed defenders.

Isaiah Thomas is not likely to broadcast the fact that 73% of eligible voters did not choose this man to lead the United States, but he is likely to broadcast his desire to be one of the greatest offensive players of this NBA generation.

Isaiah Thomas is not actually his listed height of 5’9” but actually closer to the diminutive 5’7” which makes his achievements all the more impressive.

Isaiah Thomas is not going to stop believing in himself now, though he may stop the doubters from spouting their doubts.

Isaiah Thomas is not the only ray of light in an overcast sky, but he is most definitely a ray of light.