Marcus Smart Hooked Up My Nephew

(Waltham, MA, 06/28/16) Boston Celtics Marcus Smart is surrounded by kids during his Basketball Camp at Brandeis University on Tuesday, June 28, 2016. Staff photo by Matt Stone

My dad is brand new to twitter at 62 years old. Here is his fifth tweet:

My nephew was pumped when he received that Jersey for Christmas from my dad, who has been a lifelong Celtics fan. We took the video of him going crazy and he sent it to Marcus on Twitter on February 4th. Marcus tweeted this back at him:

Marcus Smart started following my dad, who has 11 followers and an egg for a profile pic. The tweet sat there for two days. My dad had no idea that his phone was blowing up with notifications. But then this nice gentleman jumped in and realized that one of his followers had the same last name and reached out to me.

I called my dad up and tried to guide him through twitter to respond to Marcus. It wasn’t easy. But eventually we connected with Marcus and sent him the address. I tweeted to my sister (his mom) about it and of course, she tweeted this back to me:

The package arrived on February 10th and my dad drove it over to my nephew’s house. Here’s the final reaction:


Michael Steenstra
Mike covered the NBA for four seasons for HOOP Japan. During his time there, he interviewed some of the top names in the game, including one-on-ones with Karl Anthony Towns, Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, Dwyane Wade, among others. He's also the former classmate of boy band phenomenon, Kevin Jonas.