No Time To Review Atlanta, The Washington Wizards Next Test In Boston

In a pivotal Game 6 the Washington Wizards showed up against the Atlanta Hawks and claimed the series. Washington won the game 115-99 in Atlanta. It was a great win for the Wizards with John Wall putting up 42 points, 1 rebound, 8 assists, 4 steals, and 2 blocks. His backcourt runningmate, Bradley Beal contributed 31 points, 3 rebounds, 3 assists, 3 steals, and 1 block in the series ending win. The Wizards back court combined for 73 of the teams 115 points.

The team shot 53.8 percent from the floor and 41.7 from the arc. The Wizards also had a team 16 steals to end the contest. This is the perfect way the Wizards could have ended their matchup against the Hawks, because they face the Eastern Conference top seed in the Boston Celtics.

The momentum from the Wizards’ win is sadly nothing to the four game winning streak by the Celtics in their round one matchup. Hopefully, the Wizards great play in Game 6 against the Hawks will carry over to Game 1 against the Celtics.

What Wizards fans need to know for this matchup is the Wizards split the season series against the Celtics two games a piece. Both teams won their games at home during the regular season which does not spell good news for the Wizards. The Celtics have home field advantage for the round because, they are first place in the playoff seating. The Celtics also have more road playoff wins than the Wizards as well, so this does not seem like a series that the Wiz can easily win.

With no clear advantage in total numbers of wins against the Celtics, what did the Wizards do to win those two home games? In both games the Wizards had more fast break points where as in both losses the Celtics had the advantage. They also lead the in total blocks per game in wins as well. What does this mean for the Wizards? It means that they have to out hustle the blue collar Celtics.

The Wizards can look to see what the Chicago Bulls did against Celtics in their two wins in Boston. The Bulls had more steals than the Celtics in both wins. Steals are literally the only stat that was true of both wins and not of any losses. Well luckily for the Wizards they are proving that they are good for steals this playoffs. They lead the league in total steals these playoffs with 55 total steals.

Fans will find out Sunday April 30th if the Wizards can square up against the Eastern Conference’s top ranked team. If the Wizards can show up defensively and in the hustle points then they have a chance to cause a huge upset against the Celtics.