Season Preview 2016-17: Sacramento Kings

For the 10th straight season the Sacramento Kings have missed the playoffs. They ended up finishing with a 33-49 record that earned them the 10th spot in the Western Conference. The good news, the Kings were ranked 3rd in points per game with 106.6. The bad news, they ranked dead last in opponents’ points per game with 109.1. However, they have ditched George Karl and picked up Dave Joerger. Which will leave fans disappointed if they enjoyed reading tweets from Boogie Cousins calling Karl a snake.


But in the absence of the Karl and Boogie feud, other contentious storylines have emerged for the league to follow and shake their heads in disgust. Darren Collison, who earlier this summer plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge of domestic battery in an altercation that occurred with his wife in May, will be missing eight games. Yes, just eight games for a guilty plea of domestic violence. A stain in the progressive record of Adam Silver’s during his tenure as the commissioner.

For basketball related drama, Rudy Gay has recently dropped not-so-subtle hints that he is hoping to get traded at some point this season.

“I have no idea. I suit up and give it my all. That’s all I can do in this situation, that’s all you can do. Go out there and play as much as you can. Obviously, we don’t have anything to really build on. We have a new coach. I think that’s the only thing we can really build on. New coach and seeing how it plays out.”

However, it seems that the trade value of Gay has gone down, especially after dropping from 21 PPG to 17 PPG last season. And every hope of full potential that Gay could aspire to as shown itself not to come to fruition as he enters his 11th season. So don’t expect a looming trade to raise any numbers in the win column for Sacramento this season.

Roster Moves

The Kings’ notable losses to their roster were Rajon Rondo, Marco Belinelli, Quincy Acy, and Caron Butler. But they were able to pick up veteran journeyman Matt Barnes along with Ty Lawson and Arron Afflalo. With the absence of Collison at the start of the season, Lawson has found himself an opening to prove himself again as a quality point guard in the league. Though the chances of that happening or making a difference in the pursuit of a playoff berth are highly unlikely.

2016-17 Expectations

As they may have added depth to the guard and wing positions, the team is still facing the ever-revolving door of head coaches that have hindered any consistent team philosophy. You shouldn’t expect the Kings to make great strides this year or find them in the playoff conversation. Though you will still be able to enjoy the dominance of Demarcus Cousins, who is now an Olympic Gold Medalist after his summer in Rio. Boogie averaged close to 27-12-3 last season and will again make another All-Star appearance along with an All-NBA Selection. Though Cousin’s success will not lead to the promise land. But hey, King’s fans have a new stadium to be stoked about!

Scott Cinatl
Scott has perfected the art of cynicism, but ironically not with the plight of every LA Clippers season. He also only shoots threes in pick-up games and rarely plays defense.