The PopGates Monday Bulletin: 4/10

Everything you might have missed last week from the Basketball Universe:


Miloš Teodosić has been a PopGates favorite since the inception of the publication. He has the eyes and flash of Pete Maravich and the allure of a young Sabonis. Now, at 30, the question is whether he will finally come over to the NBA – and it seems like this will be the summer it finally happens.

Recently Teodosić said: “I need a team with a plan and high goals. … I want to feel that an NBA team knows my game, has a plan for me and can use me in a unit with real chemistry, while having high goals and being competitive. I want to win, to be motivated and to feel that the coaches and the organization trust me.”

The Nets have been linked to him – but given their cap situation that seems unlikely

Last week, Miloš reminded us, with his passing why we love him so much (1;30 mark)

Goodbye Andres

Me he vaciado – I have emptied myself. The Captain, Andres Nocioni, announced his retirement from basketball. The longtime mainstay of the Argentine National Team and veteran of the NBA will always be remembered for his maniac approach to defense.

Some called him a dirty player – but he really was just a guy willing to do anything to win.

Israel gets a bolster

Richard Howell, a 26-year-old power forward from NC State with NBA D-League experience, has been naturalized as an Israeli citizen. Sources say he has signed a 7-year deal to play for the national team, starting with Eurobasket this summer. Improving the size and athleticism of the national team is big for Israel – who under the Law of Return could make things very interesting with former NBA players Jordan Farmar and Amar’e Stoudemire. Either way, matching Howell up with Omri Casspi and Gal Mekel is big.

Welcome Unicaja Malaga

By virtue of winning the EuroCup championship two games to one against Valencia Basket, Unicaja will be bumped up to the EuroLeague next season.

This is good news for the cultural force that is Nemanja Nedovic.


Russ you stubborn SOB: Russell Westbrook became the first player since Oscar Robertson (61-62) to average a triple-double over the entire season.

Asked about the feat by USA Today – The Big O had this to say:

“But he has taken over the whole country with what he is doing, and it’s really amazing. He’s a great basketball player…I’m happy for Russ. (With) all that has happened with his team, with (Kevin) Durant leaving (the Thunder and signing with Golden State last summer) and everyone writing them off, he’s brought them up to a spot (sixth in the Western Conference) where people want to see them play.”

Quote of the week:

“Lavar Ball, hold your head, alright? You’re like a bullying soccer mom. And you’re gonna talk your son down in the NBA draft, which is a first. And Big Baller brand t-shirts look uncomfortable as fuck!” – Michael Rapaport