The PopGates Monday Bulletin: 4/3

Everything you might have missed last week from the Basketball Universe:

Underneath it all you are a teddy bear.

Frank Martin – former bouncer, swearer at children, Miami tough guy – coached his ass off, taking South Carolina to the Final Four. The Gamecocks dropped a heartbreaker to Gonzaga 77-73, afterwards in the post-game presser, Frank Martin dropped his tough guy façade’ for a moment, and showed a depth of emotion. Eyes watering, and barely holding it together he pushed out these words:

There is something powerful when you impact others – and what these kids have done is pretty special. When you get people to travel across the country in masses, because they believe in what you do…it’s powerful stuff. They’ve impacted our community in such a meaningful way, which is so much more important than the score of a game.

 Game over, bro.

 The NBA D-League regular season came to a close on Saturday – meaning the final D-League season just wrapped up, as the league will be rebranded next season as the G-League for new league-sponsor Gatorade.

The playoffs kick off Tuesday with first round match ups Maine vs Fort Wayne; Raptors 905 vs Canton; OKC vs Santa Cruz; Los Angeles vs Rio Grande Valley.

Gortat bit hard.

 In the first quarter of a Wizards Warriors game, Chef Curry found himself matched up with the Polish Hammer. Curry drove towards the basket, hitting Gortat with an up fake. Marcin bit, Curry found a teammate with a pass back out beyond the three point line. Resetting, Curry raced beyond the arch in the corner. His teammate hit him with a pass; he then doubled up Gortat with two more ridiculous fakes, before drilling the trey.

Not in my house.

 Ante Zizic is the anointed one. He is all of 20, a double-double machine, who vanquishes his enemies with fireballs from his arse.

Daniel Theis is a slightly undersized German player unfamiliar to most this side of Munich.

In a EuroLeague game, Zizic took a pass, power stepped to the basket and went up for the slam – Theis sent Zizic packing not once, not twice, but thrice.

Slow down Al.

Kristaps Porzingis is making such a habit out of the facial on his defenders, that some are finding it hard to process the carnage.

In a game last week, Porzingod threw down an alley on Al Horford. Horford, in utter disbelief, caught the ball as it passed through the net and looked to start a fast break. The whistle had to be blown to slow Horford down.