Washington Wizards Are A Game Down and Maybe A Man Down

In the first match up of the second round of the NBA Playoffs the Washington Wizards were defeated by the Boston Celtics 111-123. The Wizards were lead by Bradley Beal with 27 points, 1 rebound, 4 assist, 1 steal, and 1 block. The Wizards not only lost the game but they also lost their starting power forward Markieff Morris.

The game is tied at 42 points a piece with 7:18 left in the second quarter when Morris goes down.

Regardless if the misplaced foot was intentional or not the Celtics big man Al Horford made a big blow to the Wizards chances for advancing. Do not lose all hope Wiz fans, according to ESPN Staff Writer Chris Frosberg, Morris has every intention of playing Game 2.

Speaking of Game 2, there are several things that the Wizards have to do differently from Game 1 in order to have a different outcome for their second match up against the Celtics.

The Wizards have to step it up on defense, granted Morris leaving did not help the Wizards defense. They allowed the Celtics to shoot 51.1 percent from the floor and 48.7 from the arc. No team will ever win a game with that terrible defense. Two things that the Wizards did not do against the Celtics but they did great against the Atlanta Hawks was force turnovers and score in transition. The Wizards only have 6 steals and only forced 11 turnovers. They only had 9 fast break points as well.

This is not a hate on the Wizards article, they did several things very well against the Celtics. The Celtics were known for being a defensive team, especially on the perimeter. Yet John Wall, Bradley Beal, and Otter Porter combined for 63 points. The Wizards as whole shot 50.6 percent from the field and 43.5 percent from 3-point. They also outrebounded the Celtics 55 to 44 total rebounds. The Wizards crushed the Celtics with points in the paint scoring 54 points down low.

To review the Wizards must improve their defense, forcing turnovers, and increasing their fast break points. They must continue to score efficiently and take advantage of their size. Game 2 stats May, 2nd tune in as the Wizards try to even up the series.