Washington Wizards’ Offensive Power Pales to Boston Celtics’ King In The Fourth

Most times when Washington Wizards star John Wall scores 40 points, 3 rebounds, 13 assists, 3 steals, and 3 blocks, fans do not feel disappointed. Wall got his 40 points while shooting 50 percent from the floor, yet the Wizards still feel short to undersized point Isaiah Thomas and the Celtics in overtime. Wall’s 40 points are being overshadowed by Thomas’ career playoff 53 points.

Thomas’ tough path these playoffs should not be discounted and his Game 2 against the Wizards is something that will be remember. The Wizard’s cannot dwell on the “King In The Fourth” 21 point performance in the final quarter of regulation.

Yes, the Wizards need to step it up on defense with Game 3 returning to the Verizon Center. The Wizards should not allow Thomas to go off during Game 3 and one thing is for certain, the Wizards play better defense at home. At home during the playoffs they have held opponents to 44.4 percent from the floor where as when they are on the road opponent shot 48.7 from the field. The Celtics while home have a 51.1 percent field goal percentage.

Hopefully, the home field advantage will help the Wizards regain traction in the Conference Semifinals. Offensively the Wizards could not have done more. For fans that see this as doom in gloom, look at the series like this: The Celtics rolled in Game 1 only after starting power forward Markieff Morris went down with injury. It took a 53 point effort and overtime for the Celtics to prevail in Game 2.

With better home court defense and a no show from the “King In The Fourth”, there should be no reason why the Wizards should not win Game 3. If they can manage to win both home games, then the Wizards will even up the series. This home trip could be just what the Wizards need.