Washington Wizards One Second Round Pick and Plenty Of Options

In order to add key bench contributor Bojan Bogdanovic the Washington Wizards surrendered a first round pick among other pieces.  Now with the NBA Draft just weeks away, the Wizards hold only one selection which is the 52 pick of the draft. The Wizards have to make this one selection count in order to help their push in the playoffs next year.

The playoffs made one thing abundantly clear, the bench must improve. With that in mind, there are two positions that must be addressed: point guard and center. Point guard is the more pressing of the issue because the most likely scenario is that both Brandon Jennings and Trey Burke will not return to the roster next season.

According to NBADraft.net, there will be plenty of point guards in the mid to late second round. Of these point guards Mason is the best at creating his own offense and is the most NBA ready. That is what exactly what the Wizards need off the bench, a point guard that can create his own offense because besides Bogdanovic the Wizards have very limited options.

Center wise the second round is very limited that most are projects at this point and the Wizards do not have the time for a project. Honestly there are no centers that I have any true confidence in for the Wizards to select. However, if there are no point guards left on the big board then drafting a center would be next best option.

The Wizards front office must be diligent in their draft preparations. This second round selection carries heavier weight than any other year. The player this pick becomes could have an impact on a championship run next year.

Lucas Johnson
A Regent University graduate with a B.A. in History. Lucas is a Staff Writer for The Sixer Sense and Washington Wizard beat writer for PopGates. He is currently engaged to the most wonderful woman in the world.