Unfortunately, it was another one and done for America East men’s basketball.  No, this wasn’t March Madness. Rather, it was television gone mad. Former Albany stand-out guard Mike Black – introduced to television viewers as former professional basketball player “Michael” – appeared on The Bachelorette and was dismissed after just one episode.

I call foul.

Mike brought game. He wore the smile, as well as the elegant, dark suit. And he honored his alma mater with his purple button down shirt and tie. Unlike the Albany lax men, Mike was impeccably groomed. Will Brown and the Great Dane faithful should be proud. By his own admission, Mike, who played professionally in Bulgaria, is laid back. That doesn’t get it done in the bizarre reality television universe.

If The Bachelorette opts to cull from the America East again, they should look no further than just- graduated Vermont Catamount Dre Wills. Here are five reasons why The Bachelorette should contact Dre, who was a bit a wild card during his collegiate career. Dre seemed to play just about every position on the floor, and when things seemed on the brink of falling apart for his team, he stepped up and was the glue.


Personality. Dre is outgoing, prime time media ready. He interviewed his teammates on camera during the course of his career, and he was natural and funny. Dre’s upbeat manor and smile would definitely keep things light in the contestant house.


Style. No denying, Dre has it, especially when it comes to facial hair. During the course of his senior year, Dre’s beard got very thick. Dre would’ve fit right in with the hipsters in Portland Oregon.


Relatable. Dre is listed at 6-1 – but who knows. For a D 1 player, Dre is undersized but that did not stop him from attempting to stuff Purdue’s monster power forward Caleb Swanigan in the NCAA tournament’s first round.


Family. The family visit episode would have great potential, as Dre has three siblings, including Illinois State Redbird defensive powerhouse Tony Wills. The episode could feature a fierce drive way battle. Dre is not to immune to trash talk when it’s warranted. Those UMBC fans had it coming. You can’t pretend to blow a whistle during the course of a game!


Name. Dre. Just three letters. no last name required. You’ll never forget it.  For the record, Dre’s given name is Harry.